Energy Advisors are vital to the success of the Virtual Commissioning Program, designed and implemented by Power TakeOff. The primary role of the Energy Advisor position is to analyze interval (60, 30, and 15-minute) smart meter electricity data, building information, and prospective business customer account information to identify low and no-cost operational energy savings opportunities.

Once an opportunity is identified, you will research and engage the utility-partner customers through email and phone calls to provide recommendations and remote support for the participants to implement energy saving actions. After the participant has implemented the recommended changes, you will monitor their smart meter data and work with our internal Measurement and Verification team to confirm the immediate and continuation of savings.

The Ideal Candidate is a new graduate or someone with little to no work experience in this field, is motivated by impact, seeking technical experience, and looking to get their foot in the door to the sustainability and energy efficiency industry! Additionally, the most successful team members are:

  • Sales-oriented individuals who are comfortable finding the right solutions to the right problems and building relationships with customers
  • Problem solvers who love collaborating and problem solving with customers
  • Team Oriented because they collaborate with others, improve through feedback, and work toward a common goal
  • Flexible in that they are ready and able to change direction and willing to adapt their approach to different customer needs
  • Outgoing and enjoys going above and beyond for customers
  • Organized through reliable and consistent organization and time management practices
  • Persistent in their work style and determined to overcome barriers
  • Invested in making a positive environmental impact
  • Lifelong learners excited to soak up knowledge and put it to practice
  • Transparent because they speak clearly, openly, and honestly with a goal to improve their own and their teammates’ performance
  • Goal-oriented and interested in working a strategy towards defined, achievable goals
  • Patient with the time it takes to see results

Hard and soft skills learned and developed in this role that can benefit you in your time here and in the future:

  1. Soft Skills: Time Management, Interpersonal Skills, Problem-solving, Persuasion, Mentorship and teaching other adults, Progression from learning, advising, mentoring, and coaching, Communication, Receiving and providing feedback, Peer collaboration
  2. Hard Skills: Pipeline Management, Cold Outreach, Industry Knowledge, Understanding of Building Energy Systems, Energy Saving Measures, Data Analysis, Possible eligibility to participate in certifications like the LEED Green Associate


  • Comfortable engaging and talking with prospective participants via cold calls, emails, and meetings
  • Interest in working with prospective businesses to collaboratively problem solve and implement energy saving actions
  • Ability to work in a team environment, offering support and willingness to receive and provide feedback to achieve shared goals
  • Ability to use/learn CRM systems (Salesforce, Outreach.io) to effectively organize, and manage a customer engagement pipeline
  • Interest and comfort with cold outreach to prospective energy efficiency program participants
  • Ability to notetake and maintain organized internal records
  • Interest in analysis and data interpretation to identify & solve problems
  • Quality personal references that speak to your work ethic
  • Exceptional oral and written communication skills
  • Bilingual abilities are a plus
  • Higher Education degree